Dream of Gods

Regulamin Konkursu

§ 1 SPONSOR 1. The Contest is sponsored by E-GAMES Sp. z o. o. located at WOLBROMSKA street, nr 18, lok. 1B, WROCŁAW, 53-148 in Poland, signed under KRS: 0000776475, REGON: 382828378, NIP: 8992859616 ("Sponsor").
§ 2 CONDITIONS FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE CONTEST 1. The "Contest" is open to anyone who is at least eighteen (18) years old at the time of entry.  2. Participant of the Contest ("Participant") has to make a contribution of any given amount to the "Dream of Gods" Indiegogo campaign in order to be eligible for participation in the Contest. 3. Participant has to send a 2D (two-dimensional) artwork, meaning an illustration, drawing, painting etc. in any traditional or digital form and in any other not listed 2D technique, that the Participant created, to the given email address: contest@dreamofgods.pl a. In case of sending a traditional artwork, please send a high quality scan of the  artwork to the email address given above. 4. Participant has to meet the deadline of the 12th of January 2019 (01.12.2019) of sending the artwork to the email address given in § 2, point 3. 5. Employees of E-GAMES Sp. z o. o., and other companies associated with the promotion of the Contest are not eligible to participate in the Contest.
§ 3 AWARDS 1. 5 professional jury members will choose a total of 25 best artworks sent from the Participants of the Contest. The best artworks will be chosen based on the level of creativity, uniqueness and ingenuity. 2. The authors of the top 5 best artworks will have a chance to win any award they pick from Chapter V, golden chest box. Next few best artworks (from 6 to 10) will have a chance to win awards from Chapter IV, silver chest box, and so on. For clarification please see Attachment 1. 3. Each author of the best 25 graphic works chosen by the jury will be able to choose an award from a box of a lesser number. For example, if the Participant won an award from chest box number 3, but wishes to receive an award listed in box number 2.
4. Each winner may pick 1 award from the box of a given category, which they participated in. Each Participant, who won has to inform the Sponsor of which award the Participant wishes to receive by sending an email to the Sponsor using the email address given in § 2, point 3.
5. The variety and number of awards given to the Participants of best artworks will depend on the total sum of contributions, which the "Dream of Gods" Indiegogo campaign will raise. Please see Attachment 1 below for more information. To clarify, in the event of the campaign raising 499K, the awards from the last box will not be available, and the number of winners will be 20, not 25.
a. Attachment 1

6. The Sponsor is not responsible for the tax expenses of given awards. This responsibility lays on the winner of such award.
§ 4 RETURN OF FAULTY OR DAMAGED AWARDS 1. E-GAMES ("Sponsor") is responsible for sending out confirmations of the awards being sent to all winners of the Contest, in order to avoid any miscommunication and other issues. 2. The Sponsor is not to be held responsible for any mechanical damage that may occur during the process of transportation of the awards.  
§ 5 FINAL PROVISIONS 1. The Sponsor reserves the right to any change of any of the Contest rules if such necessity occurs dues to organizational, economic or legal reasons, as long as it doesn't influence the conditions of participating in the Contest in a negative way. 2. The Sponsor has the right to verify if all Participants meet all conditions listed in § 2. To do so, the Sponsor may ask any Participant to show their identity documents (ID). 3. Taking part in the Contest means that the Participant have read and agreed to all terms and conditions given in the Official Contest Rules.

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Dream of Gods

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