Dream of Gods

Welcome to the official website of the upcoming MOBA game!

Discover its unique features and its captivating world. Behold the massive war between humans and gods… and emerge victorious!

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Dive into the World of Conflict

Since the beginning there were two existing planes of existence. The world of gods and the world of humans. For many many centuries both places were living without any conflicts, interacting with one another from time to time.

But there came the time where things started to change. People started to become more and more independent and they slowly started to forget about traditions and gods themselves.

Meanwhile, gods, who were spoiled by humans for thousands and thousands of years began to notice that their power is getting weaker as the human faith in them is disappearing. With every destroyed text, burned or forgotten temple, gods were getting weaker.

When one of the big temples was getting destroyed and ancient books fell into the river, gods had enough. They rise and decide to start a massive war with humanity that the world has never seen before.

What is Dream of Gods?

Dream of Gods is the new MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game.

In the light of many pastel and colourful games, our production has darker mood, dark colours with the torch lights as the main source of light.

Dream of Gods is the game about conflict between humanity and gods from well known mythologies. You’ll meet playable characters like Aphrodite, Cleopatra, Bastet, Dracula, Hades and many more!

The mythologies that we used for our game are Greek, Egyptian, Norse, Celtic, Japanese and Slavic. We also added Human representatives that are under the faction called Heroes.


Dream of Gods is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, which means you will control a single character and guide him/her into the battle against another team of players.

Your character may have various classes, or roles in the battle, you can also upgrade their equipment and combat proficiency.

Dream of Gods, however, is not a clone of other MOBA games. It is going to boast several features no other game has.

World Map


We’re adding the weather system into our game that affects the heroes either positive or negative, each faction is assigned to 3 different sections:

  • Summer,
  • Winter,
  • Humans.

Weather is not going to be random, there will be the forecast for the next match that will be 100% accurate and the player can decide which hero they would like to play according to the conditions on the map. There also will be heroes that can affect the weather.

The Digger

Characters have standard roles like support, tank, assassin and hybrid. But to make things interesting and refreshing, we’ve added a completely new role that we call The Digger.

The Diggers’ role is to manipulate the map, make different paths or block them which makes the gameplay much more interesting and forces players to strategic thinking.

The Nexuses

Another thing that we're implementing to our game are The Nexuses. In our game they're going to be 4 main gods: from Greek Mythology (Zeus), Egyptian (Ra), Celtic (Dagda) and Norse (Odin). Teams will have to choose which god they want to protect during the game, picking them according to the characters and the weather in which they will have to play during the match. Each main god gives buff to the players.

Quality enhancement

We’re also developing special Anti Toxic and Anti AFK systems that will disencourage the negative behaviour and make the game much better.

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